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Historically, the master builder was the primary source of responsibility for both design and construction. In ancient Mesopotamia (1800 BC), the Code of Hammurabi fixed the absolute accountability upon the master builder. In succeeding millennia, cathedrals and cloisters, cable-stayed bridges and corporate headquarters were conceived and constructed using the design-build model.

Only over the last 150 years has the Design-Bid-Build approach been used as the predominate method, separating design and construction responsibility. But today, client frustration over this Design-Bid-Build method has generated renewed interest in the Master Builder approach.

Greenberg Construction embraced the return to this method for numerous reasons:

bullet.gif (1025 bytes) It employs a single source of responsibility between the client and Designer-Builder, eliminating unnecessary and possibly adverse relationships.
bullet.gif (1025 bytes) A Team Captain provided focused and objective leadership.
bullet.gif (1025 bytes) Greater trade involvement in the pre-construction phase yielded far more practical methods, generally reducing either cost or construction duration, or both.

The project completion timeframe was generally reduced because of the high degree of concurrency between design and construction activities.

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Fast track bid packages allowed construction to commence prior to the completion of design.

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Project costs were identified early, allowing for timely addressing of budgetary concerns.

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Design-Build inherently yielded a higher quality product because the team's resources were oriented toward successful project, rather than relationship conflicts.

At Greenberg Construction Corporation, the Design-Build approach simply meant consolidating architectural design and construction services as the responsibility of a single provider. Greenberg Construction selected a qualified team of architects, engineers and key subcontractors to best fit clients’ goals. Simply put, the Design-Build process provides the simplest and most economical method of construction.

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