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We Built Solid Relationships...
Ninety-three percent of our work was repeat business!

During its 28 year history, Greenberg Construction Corporation achieved and maintained a solid reputation for quality workmanship in the South Florida commercial construction market.

AIA Award
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Our impeccable track record spoke for itself, especially as the undisputed contractor of choice for financial institutions. There is simply no better indicator of a construction company's level of quality and overall customer satisfaction than repeatedly exceeding the expectations of the same demanding clients year after year.

Barnett Bank 42 projects throughout 10 years
American Savings and Loan  22 projects throughout 4 years
Flagship Bank 8 projects throughout 3 years
Sun Bank 4 projects throughout 2 years
Southeast Bank 71 projects throughout 8 years
Mellon United National Bank 2 projects throughout 4 years
CenTrust Bank 34 projects throughout 2 years
Union Planter's Bank 9 projects throughout 4 years
Citicorp, N.A. 10 projects throughout 3 years


How did we do it? How did we achieve and maintain such levels of quality?

bullet.gif (1025 bytes) Management consistency: The average term of employment among our management personnel was 18 years. That represents not simply satisfaction, but dedication.
bullet.gif (1025 bytes) Management Technology: We continually sought to incorporate new systems to enhance efficiency while remaining grounded in our successful business practices.
bullet.gif (1025 bytes) Management Partnering: We built relationships.


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